Southern Yellow-Billed Hornbill (Tockus leucomelas)

The Southern Yellow-Billed Hornbill is found throughout southern Africa including south-west Angola, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, southern Zambia, southern Malawi, western Mozambique and northern South Africa.  It is a very common bird, and easy to recognise. They measure around 40cm from head to tail. They have a combination of pied white-spotted plumage (set with black). TheContinue reading “Southern Yellow-Billed Hornbill (Tockus leucomelas)”

African Lion

Panthera leo Size: Male – Total length is between 2.5-3.3m, shoulder height is 1.2m. They generally weigh between 150-225kg. Female – Total length 2.3 – 2.7m, shoulder height is 1m. They generally weigh between 110-152kg Identification: Lions are the largest of the African cats. There is sexual dimorphism between adult males and females, as malesContinue reading “African Lion”

African Elephant Fact File

African elephant Loxodonta Africana Elephants are the largest living land mammal and animal. Males are usually the largest and can have a shoulder height of 3.2-4m and weigh anywhere in the region of 5000-6300kg (5-6 tonnes). Females can be 2.5-3.4m tall at the shoulders and weigh anywhere between 2800-3500kg.  Elephants are not easily mistaken for otherContinue reading “African Elephant Fact File”

Giraffe Fact file

Giraffe Giraffa camelopardalis IUCN Red List Status: Vulnerable (as checked July 2020) Size: Male – around 4.6-5.7m tall, with an average weight of 970-1400kg. Females are usually less than 5m tall, and have an average weight of 700-950kg. Identification: easy to identify, cannot be confused with anything else. Tallest living land mammal, with long necksContinue reading “Giraffe Fact file”